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Lower Quay Street,,
General Details
Contact position: Director
Service / Organisation: Sligo Youth Theatre
071 9138489
Description of main activities / services for children and families:

We have weekly drama classes for young people aged 10 to 18 years.


MISSION STATEMENT - Sligo Youth Theatre SYT engages with young people through the use of theatre/drama as a medium to facilitate their social and personal development, provide them with an outlet for artistic expression and explore issues of theatre production and performance.   SYT’s mission to produce quality youth theatre work is underpinned by three approaches or practices:                                                                                                                               1.    Theatre Practice driven by a commitment to artistic quality.  Fostering the development of technical and artistic skills, high production standards and exposure to the professional theatre environment.                                                                                                                             2.    Youth Work driven by a commitment to young people’s personal and social development having regard to issues of access, empowerment and participative practice.                                                            3.    To contribute to the cultural life and wider community of Sligo. 

We have weekly drama classes for young people aged 10 to 18 years. Each age group gets involved in one high standard production over the year. We also organise outings to see theatre shows.

Service Areas
Service Areas:
  • Sligo town and environs

Some of our members come from Ballymote, Grange or Ballyshannon

Where service is provided
Where service is provided:
  • Service provided at above address
Cost of service to user
Cost of service to user:
  • Charge applies for all services

Membership fee is 30 euros per term

How to access the service
How to access the service (referral pathways):
  • People can self-refer / access the service directly (without the need for a referral)
Parental permission needed
Do young people need parental permission to use your service?:
  • Under-18s need parental permission
Age-range catered for
Age-range catered for:
  • Primary school age (4-12 years approx.)
  • Post-primary school age (13-18 years approx.)

We have members from 10-18 yrs


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