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J.f.k. House, John F Kennedy Parade, Abbeyquarter North, Sligo,
JFK Parade
Co Sligo,
General Details
Contact position: Teresa Cawley
Service / Organisation: HSE
Description of main activities / services for children and families:

Triple P Positive Parenting offers parents/guardians different levels of support based on what parents/ guardians identify they need support on and the programmes introduce parents/guardians to evidence based tips and strategies that help with typical issues in parenting. There are one off seminars, one off workshops for specific problems and groups that run over a few weeks.


Triple P is a proven evidence based positive parenting programme which is free to parents/ guardians of children up-to age 10 years in Sligo and Leitrim.  The programme offers parenting information, tips and  strategies to help parents respond to the issues that inevitably arise in families.  It is a one of a kind multi-level system  offering a suite of programs of increasing intensity catering to different levels of family need. The options are a once off 1 and 1/2 hour seminar  which provide information to parents/ guardians who are generally coping well but have one or two concerns with their child's behaviour or development. 

Some of the options are:                                                                                              Raising resilient children or raising confident, competent children.  Two hour workshops  targeting a specific problem behaviour or issue like dealing with disobedience, managing fighting and aggression or developing good bed-time routines.                                   

Groups run over a few weeks and provide support to parents/ guardians who  want support in their parenting role, want to prevent problems, and help to manage behaviours and emotional problems.

For details of up-coming events check out the Parent Hub facebook page. Programmes are also advertised on public notice boards and in your local community. 

To book a place or find out more contact Aolish at or phone 087 7391569. Triple P is also available for a fee                                                                                                       


Service Areas
Service Areas:
  • Sligo town and environs
  • Sligo - north
  • Sligo - south, east and west
  • Leitrim - Carrick-on-Shannon and environs
  • Leitrim - south
  • Leitrim - north

If there is a group of at least 6 parents interested in a group or workshop this can be organised in the community or a setting like a school or crèche with permission of setting

Where service is provided
Where service is provided:
  • Service provided at various locations throughout the area covered

It is generally provided in Sligo town, Carrick on Shannon, Ballymote and schools and other community settings based on interest/demand. If there is a group of at least 6 parents interested in a group or workshop this can be organised in the community or a setting like a school or crèche with permission of setting

Cost of service to user
Cost of service to user:
  • Free

No cost and materials provided

How to access the service
How to access the service (referral pathways):
  • People can self-refer / access the service directly (without the need for a referral)
  • Parents / guardians can refer
  • Through HSE services
Notes on referrals to the service:

Referral is by self referral. HSE or TUSLA or other service may suggest the programme to parents/ guardians as a support to the parenting challenges. Some services recommend completing a programme in advance of being treated by their service. Your GP, Practice Nurse, Public Health Nurse, and health service practitioners/ providers, TUSLA, School and Creches and community, voluntary and statutory organisations can provide you with information on the programmes.

Parental permission needed

These programmes are for parents and guardians of all ages.

Supports Offered
Other (please specify):

Phone support is provided to parents/guardians who complete programmes as part of Triple P programme delivery. Additional phone support can be provided if they request it to support them in implementing their chosen tips and strategies.

Age-range catered for
Age-range catered for:
  • Early years (0-4 years)
  • Primary school age (4-12 years approx.)

These programmes are for parents/guardians only of children up-to age 10 years

Brief Intervention
Do you specialise in any particular issue(s)?:

Issues that arise for parents in their parenting role like: toddler tantrums, whinging and whining, misbehaviour, fighting and aggression, bed-time issues, getting children to do as asked, teaching children new skills, helping children to develop problem solving skills, building children's confidence and resilience.

Are counselling services regularly supervised? If so, please state what these arrangements are.:

Not relevant

What, if any, regulatory bodies are counsellors members of?:



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