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Leitrim Volunteer Centre,
Units 3&4 Dublin Road, Carrick-on-Shannon
General Details
Contact position: Josephine Stroker
Service / Organisation: Leitrim Volunteer Centre
Description of main activities / services for children and families:

Volunteer and Volunteer Involving Organisations matching service.


Our vision is to support the people of County Leitrim in further enhancing its places and ways of living as flourishing, vibrant communities, with volunteering at its heart. Volunteers have the potential to build local value, increase their social capital, become active citizens, and provide support to community development projects.

Leitrim Volunteer Centre aims to match volunteers to suitable volunteer opportunities within community-based organisations. This is a great opportunity to engage transition year students looking for work experience, college-bound students looking to improve their employability, Parents, guardians and children looking to engage in family volunteering, immigrants looking to meet people and learn about their locality, individuals looking for once-off micro volunteering opportunities that fit their schedule, professionals looking to share their knowledge, and retirees looking to become active. There is something out there for everyone and we can help you find a volunteering opportunity that suits your interests.

If you are considering volunteering or have questions about what it entails, please give us a call. We can help you identify what kinds of skills, knowledge and experience you would like to develop when giving your time to an organisation. We can also help you think about your interests and the kind of organisation that you would like to support. Please download the I-VOL app on your phone to find opportunities near you!

We very much look forward to helping you on your volunteering journey

Service Areas
Service Areas:
  • Leitrim - Carrick-on-Shannon and environs
  • Leitrim - south
  • Leitrim - north
Where service is provided
Where service is provided:
  • Service provided at above address
  • Service provided at various locations throughout the area covered

Based at the Education Centre in Carrick-on-Shannon and outreach in Manorhamilton.

Cost of service to user
Cost of service to user:
  • Free
How to access the service
How to access the service (referral pathways):
  • People can self-refer / access the service directly (without the need for a referral)
Parental permission needed
Do young people need parental permission to use your service?:
  • Under-18s need parental permission
  • Under-16s need parental permission
Age-range catered for
Age-range catered for:
  • Post-primary school age (13-18 years approx.)
  • Young adults (18-24 years)
  • Adults (25-64 years)
  • Adults (65+ years)

Want to be listed in our directory?

Services must:

  • Be based in Sligo / Leitrim or provide a service to children, young people or families (0 to 24 years of age, plus pre-birth services) in Sligo / Leitrim
  • Be a state supported or not for profit service or agency
  • Be non-political and non-commercial

Please note that this is not a bulletin board for events; it is a directory of agencies that provide an ongoing service to children, young people and families.

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